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Cocktail Syrups

Cocktail Syrups

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Cocktail Making Syrups

Whether you’re making drinks at home or professionally in a bar, cocktail syrups add a burst of flavour to any recipe. No matter what mixology skills you acquire, adding a cocktail syrup to your list of secret ingredients will be sure to take the drink to the next level. From enhancing the taste of a classic margarita to experimenting with fruity zests, there’s nothing a cocktail syrup can’t do.

Cocktail Syrup Flavours

Here at Drinkstuff, we have a wide variety of cocktail syrup flavours to experiment with. We also stock leading drink syrup brands that all mixologists know and love. This includes the famous Monin Syrups and Funkin Syrups.

With regards to flavours, our range of cocktail syrups has something for everyone. Whether you prefer to use sweet fruit syrups or plan to add edge with coffee syrups; you’ll find exactly what you need right here.

If you’re a conscious cocktail maker and would rather a slightly healthier alternative, take a look at our range of sugar free syrups. These ‘skinny’ cocktail syrups taste just as remarkable as sugar syrups for cocktails, yet feature no sugar. You heard that right - even the sweetest flavours have reduced sugar alternatives!

Cocktail Syrup Drink Inspiration

Syrups work well in a range of different drinks. From using ginger syrup in a spiced cocktail to cinnamon syrup in a White Russian, there are many ways to add twists on classic favourites. Fruity and citrus-flavoured syrups pair particularly well with cocktails like cosmopolitans, daiquiris and margaritas, providing a wealth of potential new flavour combinations. Coconut flavoured syrups are also a wonderful addition to the likes of pina coladas, adding a tropical touch.

Whatever type of cocktails or alcoholic drinks you enjoy making, there’s a drink syrup that will work. They can even completely transform non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails.