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Monin Syrups, Purees and Drinks Ingredients!

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Monin Drinks Syrups

An easy and delicious way to flavour drinks of all kinds, Monin syrups come in a variety of tasty flavours. From simple sugar syrups to intensely fruity syrup, Monin syrups are a must have ingredient.

A highly regarded producer in the world of flavoured syrups, Monin is synonymous with quality and great flavour, ensuring that whichever flavour you choose, your drinks will taste delicious. Monin also sells fruit purees which are an easy way to make fruit-based cocktails without the hassle of preparing fresh ingredients – a great time and money-saver for commercial bars and pubs.

Monin syrups, purees and sauces elevate your drinks to a new level, creating professional-tasting drinks every time, whether you’re making a zesty margarita, a flavoured mojito or a boozy milkshake covered with chocolate sauce. If you want to amp up the flavour in soft drinks, Monin syrups can help there too, with a great selection of flavours ranging from vanilla and strawberry to mojito mint. These syrups are also great in hot beverages like coffee and hot chocolates to add unique flavours.