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Juicers, Reamers & Zesters

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From Alabama Slammers to Zombie cocktails, you'll find most cocktails require a dash of lime juice or the rind of a lemon. We offer a wide selection of citrus juicers, citrus reamers and citrus zesters for your home bar or cocktail party.

With both handheld lemon reamers and manual citrus juicers, it's easy to extract lemon juice and lime juice that's free from pips and pulp for the perfect cocktail. To top it off, choose from citrus zesters that create a fine zest or a twisted peel.

Many cocktails require citrus or fruit juice as part of their recipe, so a juicer or reamer is an essential piece of equipment for making drinks, whether you’re making them professionally or for your friends and family.

What Types of Juicers, Reamers and Zesters Do You Offer?

Juicers and reamers come in several styles and materials, from wood and stainless steel to glass. You can buy a juicer that collects the juice, such as the Kilner Juicer Jar Set or elbow juicers, like the Heavy Duty Mexican Elbow Juicer. If you want a basic reamer, a stainless steel reamer is easy to clean and maintain, and it’s affordable.

Zesters and peelers are required to make aesthetically-pleasing twists and citrus curls for the tops of your drinks, as well as for adding fruit peels to the glass, helping to enhance the flavour of the finished beverage. The ClickClack Fine Zester is perfect for adding delicate shavings of peel to your drinks while a classic zester has a canelle blade for carving larger strips of zest, and smaller blades for delicate decoration.

Whether you’re a professional bartender or just want to upgrade your home bar with everything you could possibly need, a kit is the best option. Our 7 Piece Cocktail Garnish Set comes with a case to keep all of the tools together for easy storage and convenience.