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Ecofriendly Plastic Glassware

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Ecofriendly Plastic Glassware

Sustainability is an important topic, and it’s just as valuable to think about it when it comes to serving drinks. We’ve selected a variety of eco-friendly plastic glassware that makes the process of making your home or business more environmentally conscious that bit easier.

From disposable half-pint tumblers to biodegradable glasses that minimise your impact on the planet, eco-friendly plastic glassware is a great alternative to the waste issue. We also stock compostable hot drink cups – the ideal solution for events, workshops and commercial properties so you can serve staff and customers drinks without worrying about producing more waste. Made from high quality materials that can either be recycled or composted with ease, they are durable without having a harmful effect on the planet.

Whether you’re hosting a large event such as a wedding, you’re a business looking to put on a tradeshow or you need an environmentally friendly solution to cups and glasses, our range of eco-friendly plastic glassware offers a great want of reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit for the planet while still providing a great service to your guests, staff or customers.