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Classic Whiskey Glasses

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From bourbon or Scotch to Irish or rye whiskey, the right glass can completely transform your drinking experience. Some classic whiskey glasses are designed to enhance the aromas and subtle flavour profile of the drink while others offer versatility for different styles of drink, such as cocktails or neat pours.

A well-stocked bar shouldn’t be without elegant glasses to serve drinks in, and when it comes to whiskey, classic whiskey glasses are a must. We offer a great selection to choose from, from tumblers for a classic old fashioned to ridged glasses that have a traditional style, there are classic whiskey glasses to suit every style and preference.

Weighted for a comfortable hold so you can sip your drink in comfort, we have a great selection of beautiful glasses made from high-quality glass and crystal. You might want to enjoy your whiskey neat from an elegant crystal tumbler, or you might want to create short cocktails in a sleek, modern glass with smooth lines. Whether building a home bar or working in a commercial setting, our range of classic whiskey glasses offers something for every occasion.