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Bar Spoons

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Gunmetal Cocktail Mixing Spoon 11inch / 28cm

Gunmetal Cocktail Mixing Spoon 11inch / 28cm

In stock

RRP €124.83

SALE €99.87
Case of 12

Cocktail Mixing Spoon 11inch / 28cm

Cocktail Mixing Spoon 11inch / 28cm

In stock

RRP €92.89

SALE €74.31
Case of 24

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Bar spoons are long-handled spoons that allow bartenders and mixologists to combine cocktail ingredients in taller glasses. While the length of the handle may vary, bar spoons typically hold 5ml of liquid, which makes them useful for measuring out ingredients as well as stirring them.

Types Of Bar Spoons

Our bar spoons come in a range of styles and lengths to suit different needs. From shorter 6-inch stainless steel stirrers to the elegant Antique Brass Collinson Mixing Collinson Spoon, there are plenty of options to choose from.

We also have decorative spoons in our bar spoon range, that add style and personality to your bar, such as our Picasso bar spoon or our copper droplet mixing spoon.

Benefits Of Using Bar Spoons

Bar spoons are incredibly versatile, and they can be used for far more than just stirring drinks.

Some drinks need to be stirred, rather than shaken, so a bar spoon is an essential item for this type of beverage. But they can also be used for measuring ingredients, as one bar spoon is equivalent to a teaspoon.

Mixologists who want to add some aesthetic flair to their drinks can also use the bowl of the spoon to layer different spirits for a striking effect. And while a muddler is the best tool for the job, a bar spoon can be used to lightly muddle fruit or herbs if you don’t have a muddler to hand.